Remember and Reflect With Your Fellow Baby Boomers

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In a world of TikTok trends and Instagram stories, are you missing the simpler times? The days when Beatlemania was running rampant and we spent evenings watching "The Mary Tyler Moore Show?" If you're a baby boomer feeling nostalgic, become a part of the community at All Things Boomer. We reflect on the trends of our time that are gone but not forgotten on our podcast, and you can discuss the things you miss most on our blog.

This website is a space for baby boomers to remember, recollect and retell the stories of our time. Our founders,, created this community to honor the good old days. Contribute your memories to our forum by writing a blog post on our site today.

Reflect on your favorite trends and moments of the baby boomer era

It can be difficult to find people who experienced the cultural trends of the baby boomer era. That's why our podcast and blog reflect on prominent influences from this time, like:

Movies, books and magazines

Historical movements and events

Toys, design trends and art

If you're interested in listening to a discussion of these topics, you've come to the right place. Listen to the podcasts on our website right away.

If you miss the old days, you're not alone

Are you feeling lost in the Gen Z times of today? Do you find yourself wondering:

  • Who remembers when microwaves were the latest in technology?
  • What was the name of that TV show I loved so much growing up?
  • Where are civil rights activists and Vietnam War veterans now?
  • Is there anyone out there like me who is feeling nostalgic for the old days?

Our community is the place for you. We hope to create content that transports you back to your childhood.